jaigopal12 google adsense approval trick 2021

google adsense approval trick 2021

google adsense approval trick in english If your blog is not getting approval of Adsense, then you have come to the right place, 

you read this post completely and I sincerely hope that after reading this, your blog whether on blogger or wordpress, you will Adsense approval will definitely be available.

google adsense approval trick

google adsense approval trick

If you have created google adsense for your blog or website and make your blog

After submitting to AdSense for approval, after a few days your google adsense approval was done or for the fourth time.

So it is a simple matter, if some time our blog everything is fine then we do not get adsense approval and constantly After four to five apples, approval is received on the last, but this is not the case.

Whenever your blog or website is advertised

    Ignores the terms and conditions and if you reapply you without any means, then in this case you can suspend adsense without approval.

    Any means if you people want to create your blog according to AdSense program policies for Google AdSense. 

    So you can apply again and again and you get approval going forward, but there is something missing on your blog, then you apply again and again. 

    So in this case there is a danger of losing your AdSense account

    Why Adsense Approval is not available

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    How to Articles Requires For AdSense Approval

    Sometimes everything is fine on our blog If Adsense Approval is not found, then we should keep working on our site and we should reapply again after doing a few gaps.

    Whenever our site is new then on our site If there is no traffic, then we do not get the approval of adsense after everything is fine.

    In this, you will understand some special and important things below. Before applying Adsense, you have to apply on your blog. All things should be on your blog

    Pages must be on the blog

    Whenever we create a new blog then there should be 4 pages first about us, contact us, privacy policy, term condition, after making these 4 pages, we need to You should also start writing articles.

    If you apply for adsense without these 4 pages, then you will not get approval, in these pages about and contact pages we have to be ourselves, the rest of 2 pages privacy policy and term condition you can make with the help of any tools.

    You should keep in mind while making pages of about us, and you will have to give you a good information about your business. This is google from pages or your visitors take information about you. This is the guide on.

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    considered important in the traffic adsense approval trick because when traffic is coming to your site, your web pages are ranking in the search engine, then you get approval of Adsense within 12 to 24 hours. 

    By the way, approval of adsense is also received without traffic, but if there is organic traffic on your site, then the chance of getting approval increases to 99%.

    High Quality Content

    High Quality Content means that your post should contain at least thousand words.

    And you can write more than this, so the good thing is that adsense approval trick has given the highest importance to quality content.

    Secondly, your article should be like this If anyone comes to read that article, I stay a while That is. This should not happen and went back immediately.

    Whenever any visitors come to your site and you have power in the article. If it is useful, then the longer the visitor stays on your site, the lower your bounce rate will be.

    So with this help, the message goes that whatever you The article is written, people are benefiting from it, so google brings your article to the top of the search engine, in such a way, traffic on your site gradually increases and you get the approval of adsense.

    If you write an article with 300 words, then you will never like it on the search engine because google will consider this article as incomplete information, then you have to write 500, 700 or 1000 words above 300 words.

    If you can possible, then you write an article with words. If you want to write 15 hundred or 2000 or so words, you can write more and more words. The maximum number of articles is ranked in the top in search engines.

    How old is your blog

    The age of our blog or domain for adsense approval means a lot, in the same way, new blog adsense approval is obtained.

    2 to 3 months or 4 months after you create your new blog After month, if you approve for adsense, then you continue to work, after putting in approval, you should keep the work burning on your blog.

    If you get approval then traffic starts coming to your site, then only if you get approval first then you Can not earn because on your blog Earnings are from traffic only.

    And whenever traffic starts coming on your blog AdSense will also earn from this approval. 

    You should get maximum website approval so that they can earn along with the creators.

    Do not copy paste

    An important topic in the adsense approval trick is that you will have to write the article by yourself, do not copy paste from other website, even to design the image by yourself or there are such websites from which the image is also free in your blog post. Can use

    If you use Copy content, that is, you will steal the content from others, then it will not happen because your page will not rank in the search engine and you will not be approved AdSense.

    Google has such a tool that they can find out in seconds that whatever content on your site will be unique, then from where you must have been stolen.

    You will find many writer tools on the market, you can create your article by writing other content in seconds, but you will not know Googles, do not shortcut such methods.

    Sufficient Contents

    Sufficient contents means that enough The content is not written anywhere else in Google To be AdSense approved, you must have content on the site but it is assumed that if you write an article of 1000 words, to be AdSense approved, you must have 20 posts on the site.

    If you write from 300 words to 400, 500 words, then you are not writing this content for AdSense approved, for this you will have to insert as many word articles as possible.

    You can write 40 to 45 articles of 300 words.You can approve adsense but you

    If you write 15 to 20 articles of 1000 words, you will also get the approval of adsense and it will also rank the article in the engine.

    Inlegal content

    If you have written articles related to hacking, gambling, drug abuse etc. in your blog, then Google does not like this type of content at all. After removing them, put them for adsense approval.

    Do not use other Ad networks

    While applying for adsense, you are thinking and if you have placed any other ad network ad on your blog, then you can remove it from ad network and apply for adsense.

    After the adsense approval, you can use any other ad network, but you have to remove it while applying for adsense.

    While applying for adsense, your site should be clean and tidy in any way.

    Ed should not have been put even before

    Also do not attach affiliate ad or link.

    User Friendly Blog

    Your blog should be User Friendly Blog, so that anyone can open and read their blog in their mobile.

    Whenever you don't design things in the blog while designing, this will increase your blog loading speed and Google does not like it at all.

    You should add as much image as you need and compress the imges to minimize the size so that your own blog does not take much time to load. 

    And you can use the light theme and the glowing theme can increase the loading speed on your site.


    There is something local language that Google does not support. When you apply AdSense, you open a list of AdSense languages ​​and you can see whether the language you are writing is in it or not.

    It should not happen that you have chosen any language, which you will not get AdSense approved and all your hard work will also be in vain.

    So if you want to know which language Google supports, you will see a new pagesopen as soon as you click here.


    If you put an image in need in the article of the blog, ie one or two, then at most three, if you put too many images, it can be very difficult for you to be approved in getting AdSense approved.

    When you insert an image, you must insert the ALT tag of the image, Google is unable to read the image. 

    He brings the image to your image search with the help of ALT tag.

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    don't buy visitors

    You cannot promote paid for your site until you get AdSense approved, you did not buy traffic by buying money. 

    Either from social media Coming from Sharing.

    If your site is getting traffic by investing money, then you will find it very difficult to get approved for AdSense.

    If you do not buy traffic even after being approved in this way, then it is good because it can be an invalid click.

    Organic traffic has to be brought to your site, organic traffic is very strong and if Googles likes it, then you get approved from this Will get you immediately

    buy top level domain only

    You should take top level domain such as com, .in, .net etc. free domain or

    Do not use sub domain, in which case you will not get approved.

    If you are making a blog on blogger then my advice would be that you must add a custom domain purchase

    And finally

    Whenever you create a blog, you do not have to worry about visitors, and only you should focus on the quality content, the blog will be full of information, then visitors from all over your site will come and you will approve within AdSense approved hour.


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